Learning new things…

Do you have DIS?

She sent a snap of her portfolio.

Looks good! DIS. FANG stocks. SPOT. TGT. And TSLA! Good buys. What about COIN?

Can’t find it.

Probably b/c it just came on market yesterday. What about Bitcoin?

Already bought it.

I laughed hystercially at my desk. My trading buddy — my friend’s daughter — is 8 years old.

We spent time the other day discussing the market and how much $$ she would have now from buying AMZN from the 90s. We looked at DIS and why it would be $190 vs. the crash a year ago — and possible reasons DIS would go up and down. We talked about when to jump into the market and hold back (buy low, sell high). We also discussed the value and importance of physical silver as she held the coins I gave her. I saw the gleam in her eyes — this kid is gonna love making money! She’s smart and observant — always listening to the adults around her while absorbing the information. That’s why I never speak down to her like she’s “just a kid” — because she isn’t. The souls coming into this world are FAR more advanced than we will ever be. I’m sure it will only be mere months before she’s sending me stock tips.

Her mom texted and said that she loves the stock market game — and just yelled from the other room about some company.

I shot my trading buddy a text. You’re going to KILL IT in the market, girl!


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