My own true self.

Clients often tell me that they appreciate my directness. It’s true; I don’t mince words in session. Many – especially women — find this refreshing because they know I won’t lie or fill their time with airy-fairy nonsense. I give them what I “see” and offer practical suggestions, as well as lighten things up and make them laugh. I also point out where they may be lying to themselves — with gentleness and wisdom because my job isn’t meant to hurt anyone — and give them hope from their future self. I listen to their issues without judgement.

This comes from nearly two decades of practice and my own personal sessions with other readers — which have varied from blazingly accurate, downright annoying, somewhat helpful and a pure waste of time. I’ve learned from every single one how to be exactly who I am — rather than a version of what I *think* a healer/reader/intuitive is. I just need to be me.

What was once criticized — you’re too direct, too sensitive, too inquisitive, too nosy, too smart, too rebellious, too hard, too loud, too secretive — has translated into amazing success. I don’t have to be anything other than my own true self.

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