New teachers help me stay open…

Earlier this year, I asked for new teachers. People who would expand my mind and offer new perspectives.

I’m not much of a group person. You won’t find me in any Tarot communities and I dislike calling myself a reader (I do it for convenience rather than conviction). I’m not on social media but my wiser self always finds a way to bring me what I need, especially through very “high-vibe” clients who are tuned in and offer suggestions.

So, I checked out Joe Dispenza for a month or so — who is having a bit of moment after 25 years in the game — and tried his mediation practice. Except I’m not really into meditation anymore — so I moved on. I’m continuing to read books on the afterlife — because that never gets old. Why not prepare for the inevitable?

Then Oracle Girl walked into my life and much of what she says is positive, fascinating and thought-provoking — and of course I wish I had thought of her KILLER bio line: “I am your future self, come back through time to meet you.” I mean….🤩! She challenges my assumptions about healers and readers — basically, she says that is the old world and unnecessary and I’m like YES GIRL and then, Oh, yah — I still need to work. Her purification space is the closest I am to “community” because we’re all a virtual community on the planet anyway.

There will come a time that I’ll certainly move on from her — because I ascribe to no guru, teaching or religion — in my search to understand myself in this being called Raven — but I am grateful for my teachers in the moment.

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