Nothing to do with work: micro greens!

I’m quite the domestic goddess these days. Baking, cooking and now microgreens!

Another benefit of going vegan-ish (I still eat tuna and salmon) is that I save SO much money cooking/baking/growing at home. I have no problem splashing out for gourmet food but my dietary needs are such that you can be sure I’ll leave the coop with a small box for $50. The other day, I bought a tiny container of arugula greens for an exorbitant amount and thought, Hm. I can probably do this myself.

I mean, what the hell else is going on? Might as well grow my food…

So my little homesteader self bought a 4 pound bag of organic arugula seeds, a metal grow screen and did my first pass at microgreens, which are full of nutrients/vitamins.

It was overwhelming at first — there are oodles of videos on how to grow (hydro, paper towels, jars, containers, etc), soils, length of time before harvest etc. — and I thought my greens should have been taller and healthier in 3 days (per instructions). However, plants — like people — have their own intelligence and peculiarities. So, I talked to my greens, sang to them, played music (they are officially Deadhead micro greens, circa 1970s).

Here are my microgreens after 8 days! So pretty….I almost don’t want to eat them. But they will be harvested tomorrow.

I decided to start another container in regular dirt from the garden. I didn’t soak them — just scattered on top, watered and covered for 2 days. This is today, day 3:

They are already off to a great start! The fuzziness is the root system seeking water and the stems will turn green as the light hits them. I’ll harvest earlier — probably in a week and be up to my ears in micro greens. I put them in smoothies and all my cooking because I love argula.

Micro greens are a wonderful addition to cooking plus a great emergency food because they grow so fast and are super easy to grow!

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