Connectors and champions…

You may find yourself at a point in your business where you are doing all the right things and yet seem stuck in place. You’ve faithfully posted, bought ads, gone on podcasts, published books, taught classes — but don’t see the payoff in clients and cash.

That’s a tricky period as an entrepreneur; whether to keep going to give up the ghost. Usually the sheer amount of work and time that you’ve put into your biz will keep you in the game — but what you need at this point is a connector and a champion.

They could be one person or many — but the connectors and champions of your business are the ones who will reenergize your tired heart and bring a whole new crop of people. These are people who love your work and give from a genuine place. They want to help you succeed because they believe in you.

You can’t go out and find these people. They simply show up at the right time. I’ve had several over the years who’ve brought loads of clients, who then bring more clients. I’m sure I’ve also had people who have quietly sent others my way and never told me — and if you’re reading this, thank you.

All I had to do was show up and give a great session — which meant I was healthy, focused and totally present with them.

You may be at a point where you need a boost for your biz. You don’t have to struggle and suffer alone. All you have to do is say: Bring me my connectors and champions.

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