Do I miss social media?

NO. 😂

Last summer, I decided to give up my social media platforms for several reasons:

  1. I was exhausted from the upkeep and expectation.
  2. I didn’t like where social media was headed, nor did I like being constantly tracked with ads, etc.
  3. I wanted to spend more time offline, creating art and just chilling out.
  4. I wanted to focus more on this blog and draw people to my website.

Whenever I tell a client that I’m off social media, they laugh and say that they’re jealous. Yet I haven’t heard anyone say that they’ve actually given it up, though many of you are fried just like I was last year.

But Raven, you might say. What about my business?

I was scared, too. My business absolutely cratered right after I clicked delete in June and I seriously doubted my decision. I mean, I’m fully virtual now. Yet I was finished with FB and IG and if I had a change of heart, FB gave 90 days to sign back on (and they still haven’t deleted my profile, though I went through all of the steps).

Believe me, it was hard to sweat through those few weeks. I decided to trust.

2020 was my best year on record, though half of it was off social media. 2021 is shaping up to be my most successful year, though there are always slow months. Do I need social media to be successful? Nope. You might, and that’s perfectly good for you. However, if you find yourself a little crispy around the edges, it may be time to consider a break and see how you feel. You just might make the leap after all!

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