See beyond what is…

Back in 2012-23, my mentor said in a reading, You really need to go virtual. Set yourself up and scale back at the compound.

I thought she was completely crazy. I was the Queen Bee at the “compound” and just starting to gain traction with clients. The internet wasn’t smooth enough for virtual transactions/sessions and I enjoyed meeting in person and building my client base. From all angles, it looked like my biz would only thrive if I gave it time. What could possibly happen that I’d need to go all virtual?

Yet I took her words to heart and verrry slowly, began to offer more virtual sessions. I mean, this took me years because things were humming along at the compound (wellness center) but a few signs began to show up: unbalanced clients, jealous healers and less happiness with overall staff. I began to burn out with sessions but feared pulling back because of bills and debt. Queen Bee became exhausted bee and another reader showed up. It challenged my ego but it actually was a great opportunity to not only make friends with her but continue to expand my virtual business; my very own thing. No splits, no drives into town, my unique schedule.

Hives collapse. Bees move their colonies and replace their queens. Once I returned from the West Coast, the compound sold in less than a year and I was forced to go all virtual. By that point, I was probably 40% virtual but still held to the comfort and security of in-person clients. I feared the isolation of working alone — as much as I enjoy my company — because the compound gave me instant connection and conversation. Yet I was faced with a choice: to continue hustling for in-person sessions in a remote, rural area or maximize the web and reach the whole world.

I’ve been 100% virtual for a few years now and I thank my mentor for planting that seed almost a decade ago. Often we think that suggestions from a reader mean instant change — but that usually isn’t the case. The mind needs to be prepared, especially if you feel instant resistance and require time to get used to the idea or shape it to what you need. My mentor saw how the world would change and warned me many years ago, though it felt like she was crimping my business! She encouraged me to see beyond what is to what can be.

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