More predictions …

I know you guys love when I make predictions — and I’m happy to give my thoughts while stating, of course, that it is only my opinion. I don’t believe the old adage what will be, will be because we are far too powerful in what we imagine for our futures.

For example, the power went out today at 10:30. I had a 60 min client at 11:30. I could have said ah hell, better reschedule — because you never know in the country. However, I spent nearly an hour with my pendulum, picturing myself at the table with candles and accoutrements, commanding the electricity to come back on, while reminding myself to invest in solar and Starlink. 😂 Yes, doubts were there – I never want to be disappointed — but were overridden by sheer willpower. I was going to read at 11:30. That was the ONLY option.

At 11:26, the power came back on. Magic? Chance? You decide.

With that in mind, this is what I see for the near future — which are more suggestions than “predictions”:

It is super important to have enough food/water and whatever else you need for at least a month or two off grid. That may seem dramatic — but as we saw in TX, things happen. Don’t be like my dad with a Taylor ham in the fridge and 1/4 gallon of milk. I mean, you can — but that diet is going to get real old in about 2 meals! Invest in water tablets/jugs and Life Straws. Stock a pantry — and if you live in a tiny apt, buy a few crates and fill them with dried beans/pasta/rice. Buy large jugs and fill with water. Don’t forget to stock animal food, too. It’s really not hard to prepare and since we buy insurance for our cars/house, why not our bodies/pets?

Invest in seed packs and whatever else you need to start a garden. There are plenty of seed packs online, indoor grow pots, etc. I have a few packs of seeds and grow pots — haven’t started a garden yet because I have farm stands and generous neighbors in the summer, but I am prepared. If we move to a barter based economy, seeds will be more valuable than gold/silver.

Get as healthy as possible now. Try a plant-based/vegan diet. Deal with any food allergies. Trust me, you’ll eat much less food — and save $$ — if you get your body to optimal health.

Have some type of fire source to cook food if you lose power.

Invest in a solar generator — even if it’s a small one.

Stock up now on supplies you may need if stores / banks / drugstores / ATMs, etc suddenly close. Don’t wait until something actually happens — imagine yourself quite content even if the world goes crazy. Be prepared for whatever you need so that you are not playing catch up.

More than anything, imagine yourself safe, protected and unharmed. You are safe. Your kids/family are safe. Your pets are safe. Your home/cars/food are safe. Your property is safe. Your body/mind/spirit is safe. There is no other reality. You are safe.

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