NASDAQ dropped nearly 500 points today as I checked my stocks this morning. I mainly invest in tech/innovation, which means my funds took a huge hit. Big red numbers flashed on the screen. Negative gains! The worst numbers since last September. Oh no, said the red!

I had a choice. I could freak out and believe that this was my reality: all of the money I invested, washed down the drain. I could have hit the SELL button in a panic and had a huge loss.

I threw in a load of laundry and snapped up shares. Total fire sale!

The stock market is similar to life as an entrepreneur. I invest with the knowledge that all can’t be controlled — and I accept a certain amount of volatility. If I wait and be patient — buy and hold while scraping off some gains — all of my “losses” will recover.

So often I find that newbie entrepreneurs freak out at the first sign of dips — slow calendar, clients disappear, bank account low, debt — and want to throw in the towel. Sell at a loss, so to speak. I totally get it: I’ve been there many times in the last 16 years. The ones that actually make it ENDURE. They endure through doubts and fears and anxiety. They invest wisely, save where they can while also continuing to trust that the wheel will turn (it always does.) They are grateful for their health and every cent that rolls into their business. They continue to add value to what they offer the world. Most of all, they deepen their spiritual practice and develop a sense of optimism.

They can also choose to end their business — and reinvent. They can return to the corporate world. All beautiful choices and a reminder that though we may not be able to control the stock market or the slow times, we are in complete control of our reaction to them.

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