What I do in slow times…

Even after 16 years in the “biz”, I still have slow periods, the natural ebb that comes with being an entrepreneur. 2020 was my best year on record and January started strong. However, once Mercury Retrograde hit a couple of weeks ago, my biz slowed down. Sometimes I sail through MR but this one is more of a contraction. That’s life.

I still find myself going into old patterns of worry as I get antsy with a light calendar, but then I just remind myself that Shivaya Wellness experienced the best year during the worst year (2020) we’ve seen in a long time. Things always turn around and clients arrive. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here!

Instead of stressing out, I develop new skills. This month I’ve spent a lot of time investing in my IRA — finding a whole new set of ETFs (exchange traded funds) to explore and make long-term plays. I love the market and would be an analyst or day trader if I didn’t do this work. To be clear, I DON’T use my intuitive tools such as Tarot and pendulum to choose stocks/ETF. That was made very clear by my guide as a big no-no, ethically speaking. I do it the old-fashioned way by watching interviews, explore the risk/ratings, etc of the various businesses before investing my hard-earned dough. I love knowing that decades from now, I’ll have a tidy profit for “retirement”, which I don’t think I’ll ever do because I really don’t “work” 😂.

It helps to engage the mind in activities with long-term benefits. Brain games. Invest. Take a nap. Meditate or just sit quietly with a cup of tea. Play with your cat. See a friend for lunch. Often my guide just wants me to take a break because I have a tendency to continue working because I love what I do.

The ebbs do shift back to the normal flow — and all of the investment that you’ve given yourself, all of the care and nurturance only helps to fuel your success.

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