Do you believe your voice?

I like to listen to affirmations whenever I need a boost of energy and search them on YouTube. One day I stopped and said, Girl, why are you looking for an affirmation spoken by a stranger? Just do your own on Voice Memo!

What a great idea, I thought. My subconscious can hear my voice and start to bring me what I claim. I quickly recorded an “I AM” affirmation on success. I simply repeated a short phrase using “I AM successful in everything I do” for one minute, then played it back. Immediately I began to criticize my voice. It wasn’t strong enough. My mouth sounded dry. I didn’t like the tone. I needed to redo it.

Yet I search for a voice other than my own to tell me that I’m successful?

I realized until I became comfortable in hearing my voice speak my desires — declaring them, claiming them — no outside affirmation was really going to help me. I had to believe my own words and love my voice. It’s similar to the mirror exercise where I look at myself and repeat how beautiful and amazing I am.

It is a common thought in Christian churches I once attended that to concentrate on yourself is arrogant. To praise yourself is a sign of pride. To have lots of money is to stray from the path of humility. These are beliefs that were drummed into my subconscious from a very young age, so it would make sense that I need time to retrain my neural pathways. Recording voice memos in my own voice and replaying them is a great way to affirm my beliefs now — that I am prosperous, rich, healthy, a respected and wealthy author, a successful business, live in beautiful homes and that I am full of gratitude for it all.

I still read and listen to affirmations that are not my own to charge me up — I’m a new fan of Joel Osteen and my next blog post will explain more — but I make it a point to play my own affirmations several times a day and have grown to love them, exactly as they are. I actually believe what I’m saying! 😂

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