You are not powerless.

  • Use a pendulum. This is my most powerful tool, with Tarot a close second. It takes a lot of discipline and trust, especially when you get a “wrong” answer (such as a yes actually turning out no). Don’t let that dissuade you but keep it a simple yes/no and based on you. If you ask about someone else, they have free will to change their minds or possibly block your answer if you’re too nosy. I use my pendulum for many different things, even what vitamins to take because my mind may think I need a certain supplement but my liver doesn’t. I’m not worried about Covid but do ask if I have concerns about others. I mostly use my pendulum to shift energy. It is an amazing tool for so many things: protection, if you feel stuck, lease a new car, job change, sell a house or find one 🤚🏽, a new location/hood, open your perspective, choosing the right realtor, lawyer, or asking about your pet’s health and wellbeing, etc. You can also help the world shift to a more positive space or open up your third eye, for example. If I want to help someone, I always ask their guides for permission and sometimes get a no because they are meant to do the work themselves. It’s important if you want to help heal someone or give them a boost, so to speak. Don’t extend energy if it isn’t wanted — again, respect the free will of others. It’s more helpful to use the pendulum to assist yourself. If you need extra help, send me a prayer request or book a session. I’m happy to support you!
  • Tarot, oracle cards. Use them. Practice. Trust your answers — and if you feel confused, step back and sit with the confusion until it eventually clears. Ask what you need to know/learn.
  • Prayer. I called 2020 the year of finding God and many people have connected to their faith in whatever form works for them. I truly believe there is a Divine Presence who supports us, as well as those in the spirit world who work to help and protect us.
  • Use your brain and practical nature. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, rather than talking yourself out of it! Go with your first impression. Trust it. You may have protectors but you must be your own protector and advocate. If you have Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries (powerful force) in your chart, this is your lesson of a lifetime. Stand up for yourself and demand what you want! Believe me, once you hit menopause — you’ll be glad for this gift of power . 😂
  • Closely watch the signs around you. We are always given signs to notice or discard. For example, a broken washer isn’t just a broken washer. It’s leaky water (emotions) and possible lack of boundaries and giving too much to others. Dead animals are another. On my birthday weekend, a male robin (songbird) slammed into my roof rack as I was on a pleasant drive and died from a broken neck. It greatly distressed me and I thought, Oh shit, what is this omen? Little did I know that it was the weekend of George Floyd. This isn’t to say that all signs are warnings, though most of the time, I look for signs when I need answers. Sometimes signs arrive for us to appreciate the world we live in, to honor all sentient beings and be sweeter to ourselves. Pay attention, thank God when the blessings come and heed warnings. You may not know what the signs mean right away but keep them in your mind and ask for more information. If you require more help, contact a reputable healer or reader. That’s why we’re here!

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