My veggie life — a year later.

A year ago, I decided to go completely vegetarian after the lobster incident, you may recall from my now-defunct FB page.

Well, I’m happy to report that I am 95% vegetarian with about 2-3 days a month where I eat tuna or salmon. I haven’t had any desire for meat/chicken, though I did test the waters and grabbed a burger from Five Guys because of rave reviews. It was terrible and made me realize that I don’t want/need meat. If my body needs meat down the line, I’ll give her some — but doubt that will happen.

I like being vegetarian, though I am closer to vegan now because I don’t eat dairy/gluten and I’ve drastically cut down on eggs in the last month because Medical Medium in Liver Cleanse freaked me out enough to try an egg-free life. So, I eat fake eggs like Veg Egg and though it’s an adjustment, I don’t mind them. Eggs are in so many products that I’m not getting crazy about it. I’m in the midst of a deep liver cleanse because winter is hard on my body and it’s always valuable to clean out heavy metals, toxins — many of which were transferred in utero — and give my organs some love.

I feel awesome. My energy levels are steady and usually on the high side, even being a “post-menopausal” woman (cracks me up every time I write it). I do some form of exercise 4x a week — mostly yoga, walking or the latest, Barre method which kills me but I LOVE. Thank god for the virtual world, right?!

I’ve cut out drinking apple cider vinegar, despite the trend (read Liver Cleanse). I still love it for skin care and baths. I drink lemon water most of the day and have cut down on kombucha. I have loads of organic herbal teas. I’ve added celery juice 2x week and generally eat chunky soups, smoothies and hummus – all homemade. I LOVE making chia pudding — I’m becoming quite the cook these days. 🙂 I still drink decaf coffee — Dean’s Beans Decaf Organic Dark Roast is killer — and enjoy sweet treats whenever I want, though I watch my sugars and only use Monk Fruit, organic honey and maple syrup.

Changing anything based on taste is REALLY hard and a step by step process. I always tell my body that if she needs something, I’ll give it to her — I’m not rigid at all about the way I eat. If I were just starting out and wanted to feel better, I’d identify foods that caused inflammation and replace them with something aligned to what my body wants now, rather than when I was 35.

I’m a big believer in starting the change with coffee, since most people begin their day drinking a cup. Non-organic coffee (yep, Starbucks, Dunkin’, etc) is LOADED with pesticides. So, I’d start with drinking 16-30 oz lemon water, and then organic coffee. Organic shade-grown coffee is even better because it protects birds. Throughout the day I’d see what foods make me feel crappy and then decide what I’d like to change before eating them again.

I love my body. I find her one of the most remarkable creations from God and appreciate every day I have with her because she gets me around this crazy planet. I decided a long time ago to make her as healthy as possible, even if it means adjusting to her needs because we are friends, not enemies. Being vegetarian/pescatarian has given me the best health I’ve ever experienced!

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