The most incredible book on the afterlife I’ve ever read.

I’m in the midst of reading the most incredible book I’ve ever read about the afterlife – and I’ve read many of them, including the Bible.

If you listened to my chat with Karen Hager last month, I mentioned being in the midst of a deep dive into the religion that shaped and ultimately wounded my younger self. I’ve questioned over the years whether being psychic/intuitive is kosher with God. This comes from my deep conditioning that there is only one way and anything else must be from demonic influences.

What a tragedy to teach children because for someone as sensitive as me, it never really leaves my psyche. Sure, I’m an adult now with adult sensibilities and plenty of experience to maintain my equilibrium. Yet there have been times that I wondered why God would give me these gifts but not want me to use them — similar to being gay and yet never acting on it, as Christians say you must do.

What I love about my “crew” (guides, helpers) is that they send me exactly what I need when I struggle with things. The other day, I came across a quote by a guy named Anthony Borgia — I thought it was an actor — about the afterlife so I looked him up. What I found was the most astonishing book about the spirit world called The World Unseen (which ironically is also a great lesbian movie, no relation).

Borgia supposedly channels a guy named Robert Hugh Benson, who was a powerful religious leader in England and part of the Pope’s inner circle in the early 1900s. He basically says that everything he taught on earth about God was wrong — and his greatest regret is denying his psychic abilities and misleading people about God in books that are still being published. This is his attempt to right that wrong.

Benson’s descriptions of the afterlife are exquisitely beautiful and exactly the paradise I imagine myself in. He discusses the higher and lower levels of “heaven” and that we are always learning and evolving (all you frustrated artists, just wait until you get to the Halls of Learning — you can practice for eternity!)

He’s a funny guy, too — busts on humans for being so arrogant, thinking we know what the spirit world is all about (and get it wrong). It’s such a delight to read. I’m barely halfway through the book but had to share this work. It’s not well-known and I am SO grateful to God and my people for sending The World Unseen my way.

Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting, as well — especially if you’ve read the more popular books on the afterlife. There is great merit in preparing every day for death — like I say in The Last Painting, whatever you think of right before you die is where you’ll end up — and I want to land in The World Unseen.

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