Exploring my new home…

“The Mothers” — from The Mothers series

A client mentioned that after reading this post, they wished to move as easily as I can and that my moves inspired them.

I’ve travelled quite a bit in my life — and one of the things I’ve learned is that many places are great to visit but very few are home. People often assume that it is easy for me to move but that actually isn’t true. I love the dream of moving (I am a Gemini, after all) but the practicality is another matter.

I move to challenge myself. I move after my energy has been fulfilled in a place and that is exactly where I am now — living in the waning. I’ve written several books about the conflict I feel over moving and yet I am pulled to do so when the time is right.. I read recently that our experience on Earth is counted in life breaths, so I don’t race through my days with impatience. I’m grateful for what I have now — and move when the time is right.

I had big plans for 2020. I’ve spent the last few years building my business to a level that I can move anywhere without stress. In fact, I very nearly moved to another state — weeks before Covid — and literally was at the dotted line when I walked away because it didn’t sit right. Now that I’ve had time to look back, I can see that I was greatly protected and was meant to squirrel down in the safest state in the nation.

Safety doesn’t mean that I wish to stay. A friend said, I can’t believe this doesn’t have everything you need — but my state has given me so much for nearly two decades. I’ve built a successful business here. I’ve been enormously creative. I’ve reveled in the beauty. I’ve healed from deep trauma. I’ve met and known wonderful people. I’m playfully envious of my friends — all younger — who love it here and will more than likely never move. However, I am driven to complete my mission/life contract as the artist in me dictates. I can’t really explain it — I just know that there is more for me elsewhere. As I like to say, I can always come back. If only I had 20 bodies!

I used to call myself a wanderer. Now I consider myself an explorer — and will share my light in other areas of the country when the time is right. The virtual travel is fun now — I’ve researched places I never would have considered at an earlier time in life and continue to seek out where I’d like to call home next — while being open to surprises and magic along the way.

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