How I prepare for the end of the world…

Catchy title, eh? Good thing the world isn’t ending — but it is cold in my area of the country and I do prepare for uncertainty in winter and a shaky political spectrum. We are going through the Great Shift — what visionaries and healers have spoken about for years — and it’s always good to stay as safe as possible while the world is topsy-turvy. In no way is this fear porn; rather, I do believe that life is improving and we are being called to level up our awareness as we enter the Golden Age that is not connected to any political party or leader. The Golden Age is all of us.

However, I do think it’s wise to stock up for the next few months in case there is a prolonged lockdown with the incoming administration. I’m not a hard-core survivalist but I have made it a point to bulk up. Here are my priorities when it comes to staying healthy and self-sufficient.

  1. A stocked pantry. I have enough food for at least 3-4 months — though it may not be the tastiest if I lose power. Beans, lentils, pasta, granola, canned goods, soy/almond milk, bulk products like coconut, tahini (I make a killer hummus!), bulk teas, coffee beans, tofu, protein powders, RX Bars, nuts and of course, my avocado potato chips. I continue to add and always go for bulk than single items. It’s so much easier being a pescatarian!
  2. A stocked freezer. Homemade soups, bread, veggies, ice cream, fish.
  3. Many containers of water. I have a huge jug and smaller ones scattered around the house. I live in the country on well-water so this is a necessity. I also have Lifestraws if I need to drink water from streams.
  4. Wet and dry cat food. Henrietta is fat and spoiled, though an excellent mouser, too.
  5. Vitamins and tinctures. Gotta keep my body as healthy as possible.
  6. Matches and candles. Bonus: I use them for my job.
  7. Solar powered charger for electronic devices.
  8. Warm clothes, boots, rain gear.
  9. I live near a year round farm stand. I wish I could say I grow my own food but nah, I don’t. I do have an emergency pack of seeds in my fridge.
  10. Paper products. I bought a ton of TP and wipes this summer. Def not a priority like food but important, nonetheless.
  11. Amping up my spirituality. Prayers, affirmations, meditation. Reminding myself how amazingly protected I am. How safe I am in a changing world. How grateful I am to live where I do and have options to move, if needed.
  12. Feed my birds. It’s a great reminder of the natural world that operates outside of my mind and has its own rhythm. Plus, bird drama is always fun to watch.

I’d encourage you to consider this list and begin to stock up if you haven’t already, even if you feel like you have enough or don’t need more. It’s always good to prepare rather than panic – and thank God that we live in such an abundant country.

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