On the move…in my mind.

I’ve known for quite some time — and long due — for me shift into a whole new life in another area of the country. I couldn’t understand why it didn’t happen a year ago but with all of the events in 2020, it’s clear why I stayed in New England.

Both my mentor and I have seen many people shifting around the country after Covid becomes assimilated into life — it’s already happening here with home sales 30% higher than last year, mostly with cash unseen.

That’s great. My state needs the infusion of new blood and people come here to heal/die/protect the land, for the most part. I trust the vetting process and that those who arrive will love the energy as much as I have and not wreck the state with McMansions and ugliness.

But it’s time for me to leave New England and it can’t come a moment too soon. I am eager for new places; new roads, new experiences. So with the limitations on travel right now, I search different areas and connect to the energy as well as I can. I’ve come up with a few places that I’d more than likely enjoy: New Mexico (fire/drought a big concern), Utah (too cold but SO beautiful), Virginia, Maryland, Florida (3-4 months). If things go south in the US (which they won’t…), South Dakota is my emergency state, thought the bone-chilling cold is a bummer. I’m also keeping an eye on states and their vaxx rules, as well as oppressive mandates. That will play a big role in my choice.

My pendulum insists on Virginia but I have no idea why. It’s not a state I’m compelled to visit and barring one disastrous trip as a nanny in college to Colonial Williamsburg, I have no pull to the place. However, I’ve lived long enough to follow my intuition, so I’ll continue to explore different towns online until it’s time to travel.

Usually my future has crossed my path at some point, so it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that connection wherever I land. But I can’t WAIT to move and discover myself somewhere else!

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