Tomorrow! The Last Painting arrives on Amazon!

A mysterious painting. A woman’s last words, tucked behind the canvas to her great love, Katherine Crenshaw Bowman. 

Except the painting — You And Me By The Sea — is discovered in a thrift store thousands of miles away and given to painter Amy Scott as a housewarming present. When she discovers Jasmine Salamanca’s letter and reads the first line — “I’m dying, Kat” — she overcomes her reluctance to get involved, thanks to her superstitious friend Ash, and sets off to deliver Jasmine’s final act of love. 

The Last Painting explores relationships in all of their painful glory: the inability of two passionate soulmates to finally unite after a torturous, years long affair — and the loves who haunt us. The journey of the characters reveals the ways we hurt each other when we think we know how the story ends. The dream of “someday” and “one day” are never guaranteed and Katherine is faced with a stunning clarity as a stranger waits on her doorstep, painting in hand. 

The Last Painting is told through the differing perspectives of Jasmine, Amy and Katherine on loyalty, happiness and the desire of one’s heart. Though Death appears at the beginning, Jasmine’s profound affect radiates throughout the narrative as Katherine struggles to forgive herself, while creating an enormous garden in memory of her.

Love may find us, if we’re lucky. The Last Painting asks if we have the courage to hold onto it — before time runs out.

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I am so excited to share with you my 16th child, The Last Painting — LIVE on Amazon TOMORROW, Tuesday, 11/10! I’m releasing TLP a day early because she literally cannot wait to get out to the world.

I just know you’re gonna love this story — I loved writing it, though edits were a bit troublesome because I kept 😭— but that’s always a sign of a great story.

If you’d like to pre-order a day early, here’s the link. Otherwise, go download tomorrow — or read for free with Kindle Unlimited! I would love your stars and reviews on Amazon — it helps me sell copies, as I’m a self-published author. And of course, I’d love to hear what you think about The Last Painting. ❤️

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