Stop the steal (of my peace).

There’s a lot of talk about stealing right now.

Friends ask my opinion about the state of the election and though I’m happy to indulge them, I end with I won’t let anyone steal my peace.

I’ve lived many decades on this planet. I’ve experienced deep trauma. I’ve struggled in life to define myself, make a living and find a safe home. After going through all of that deep soul work, I won’t let the political spectrum, media subconscious programming, sparring candidates or traumatized, chaotic spirits steal my peace.

No one has the right to steal my peace. No one will ever steal my peace. I’ve worked too hard for it.

I love this country. I’m proud to be American and I thank God every day that I incarnated here. I have a beautiful dream for this land that will persist long after I’m gone. We will make it through this period to a Golden Age and I thank the Goddess for all of the healers and visionaries who continually hold a very high vibration for humanity. I thank everyone who has or is working through their hurt and trauma because that heals all of us. And I thank God for all of the prayers to whatever Deity that others sincerely believe for the peace and wellbeing of this planet.

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