Why can’t I manifest RIGHT NOW?

“Where Do I End and You Begin?” — 10/16/20, acrylic, 8×10

Many of my clients have waited for something/someone to arrive and grow frustrated that it hasn’t. They ask when it will happen, though they are aware that timelines are malleable in a shifting Universe. Clients don’t ask for a date locked in stone — they know better than that 😂 — but I do the best I can to see what’s up and what they can do to learn patience, compassion and ways to focus on their future selves, while remaining in the present.

You might think it’s easier for me to draw in what I want because of my work — but that’s not necessarily true. I think it’s even more frustrating for a seer! I can sense change long before it happens and that can mean months or years. For example, I know that I will not live in this area of the country much longer. I’ve known this off and on for years but it’s 100% clear that it’s time for a move. However, I’m not certain where. I know what I want — the climate, food, people and how I want to feel every day. Money is not an issue, though I will not jeopardize my work/energy for the wrong place. Fear of change is not much of an issue — I’ve moved enough in my life to quickly adapt. Yet I’m not certain where I’ll end up. I have a few strong ideas — but nothing firm. I often say to the air, C’mon, already! Send some signs!

First, I had to admit that I didn’t want to live here anymore. That was a little tough because I’ve had happy years but I’m on the waning end of this experience. It only makes me eager to get to the next place, but I will only move when everything is in the flow; meaning, it’s easy. I could waste time and energy searching for a place or wait for the signs and people who will help get me there. My home is everything to me — and it must be the right energy for my success.

My sense is that it will happen in the next year — and I sure hope so. Things need to lay flat in the country before I bust a move but I sense that will happen in 2021. Could I manifest my new home sooner? Possibly — but the signs have not arrived but when they do, things will fall into place. The most important thing right now is to be grateful exactly where I am and not make myself crazy by living in the future. Imagining? Yes. Talking to my future self? Sure. She’s waiting for me. Unhappy where I am? Definitely not going to help the process. This is my one life as Raven and I don’t want to miss a thing.

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