The dreaded “m” word…

Many of my clients are less than thrilled to head into menopause.

I find this unfortunate but understandable. Everyone’s view of “reality” is a bit different and as I attempt to explain my experience with menopause, I realize it will not be perceived in the same way.

I suppose I dreaded menopause, too – because I didn’t know what it entailed and had read horror stories from older women, mainly about unwanted physical changes. I might be a natural woman, but I am vain. I feel 30 and am determined to keep that vitality, no matter what the calendar says. So yah, menopause brought up a sense of curiosity and some resistance. Yet no one can stop the natural process of a body dying, so my resistance was a waste of energy and I began to focus more on the thrill of not having a period ever again (and it’s awesome.)

I made lots of changes in my diet years before menopause: no gluten/dairy, less caffeine, traded sugar for monkfruit, no meat, cut down on the amount of food I ate, upped my natural medicine, bought herbs/tinctures that have been here forever for women and released/was released from relationships that caused pain and stress. I learned to love my amazing body — a truly wise and loyal friend — and listen closely to her needs. With these changes, the horror stories were just that — a genre I didn’t indulge.

More than the physical, I was curious about the changes with my sensitivity and insight. The Crone in play. I’ve found that my psychic abilities increase to the extent I can trust them, and my trust has grown exponentially. My creativity has also blossomed because I allow it to be expressed. I’ve never been more powerful and self-assured — and I can’t wait to see the changes that are soon to arrive in my life. The next chapter.

However, menopause is a deep and often painful scraping of the past – and you can’t avoid it. Call it Chiron Return or a reckoning that needs to happen to be your fullest self — but it will happen. I’ve had to deal with deep traumas from childhood/teen years, religious indoctrination, fear and curiosity of death, the ways I hurt and was hurt by others, abandonment and lack of belonging in this world. To name a few.

There’s no tincture to ease that. It’s a deep dive and I just say, Let’s go. Clean it out. I want nothing to hold me back from the golden future I have ahead — because that pain has already been experienced. I won’t let it haunt me.

Menopause offers many gifts but it is necessary to be open to receive them. So, as a woman two years into the “change”, I’d say to not be afraid but have a sense of curiosity. You never know what will be revealed in this new era of power and self-expression.

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