Say yes.

“Don’t Be Afraid To Get To The Heart of It” — 4×12, 9/28/20

It’s so easy to forget everything it took to get to where we are today.

I have one client who will be tremendously wealthy someday. How do I know? I see it every time I read them — and it’s been years of change and growth, so there is a track record. They’ll usually say, I just don’t know how that’s going to happen and I’ll remind them of how much they once made and where they are now. I’ll point out their strengths and abilities. It’s clearer for me because I’m not in their life — and I don’t exactly know how/when they’ll end up with this wealth: an upgraded job, marriage or probably a combo. It’s doesn’t really matter; it’s saying YES to the thought. I’m already picking up on the frequencies and that could be a future self, reminding me to remind them!

It’s so important to say YES and not try to figure it out — but our minds will automatically fill the gap with accrued experience. We’ll stress over WHEN. We’ll worry that we’ll miss it somehow or mess up. Yet that wealth may be tied to knowledge we have yet to discover, but if it appears to me, say YES — if you want it, of course. It may also bring up fear, a lack of worth, courage or need to control. Even with all of that melange, you can still say YES.

If it shows up with me, you can take it to the bank — because it’s your vibration pointing the way. Say YES.

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