Ascension Predictions

Clients ask what I see for 2021 and beyond. Other than this post, I haven’t really delved into the “future” because there really is no such thing outside of our minds wanting control over time (which also doesn’t exist 😂). However, I am still human and understand the need — lord knows, I wonder about my life path quite a bit.

I do ask how much time they spend online, with the news (mostly lies) and how that affects their internal world; usually more stress, anger and feeling out of control. Granted, those with kids have had quite a change in their daily routine but even that will shift into a new normal soon enough — and as a former teacher, some of these changes were long due. What we knew as “school” will no longer exist in 20 years.

See…even now I’m reaching into the “future”. I guess that’s the nature of my job. I see what I see — and perhaps that’s just vocalizing what I imagine as an ideal. We shape the world based on what we think and the influence of what we consume. As Sanaya Roman says, The world you see around you is but an illusion created by the energy you are sending out.

Many clients realize this and are dramatically cutting back media and apocalyptic porn. One client asked if I’d heard about healers now saying the Ascension process will take another 3-4 years and that it will be a rough ride. If you know me, you can probably guess how I replied.

I silently rolled my eyes because my fellow seers/intuitives annoy me sometimes. That’s not what I see at all — and we are ascending all of the time. Things are going to get much easier – if we want.

That doesn’t exempt pain and we will experience more natural disasters as the Earth also goes through her ascension process. Yet I believe we can learn through whatever method we choose: moderate happiness, pain, daily gratitude interspersed with 🤬, contentment, suffering, beauty, moments of ecstasy, pouring over our past and healing our trauma. We get to choose how we wish to learn and ascend. And yes, we are all going through major growing pains right now — call it ascension, illumination or just plain waking up to the knowledge that we are all one body, connected to the Divine Spirit.

I love the idea that God incarnates in all of us as we’re born and then forgets her/his/their true identity. The purpose of our life is to remember that we are born in the essence of God as we start to be stripped down, hurt and traumatized as we travel Earth. That awakening process can be truly painful — and as I watch people hurting others, destroying businesses, murdering children, I yell, God, wake up! What are you doing? Wake up!

Yet all I can do is celebrate and nurture God in me. I do that by helping others. I prepare for Death everyday. I surround myself with beautiful things, beautiful Nature and live in a place that generally celebrates peace rather than violence. If that were to shift, I wouldn’t hesitate to move on to another peaceful place — because I bring that peace with me, for as much I can nurture it in myself.

Ascension is the life we’re in right now — so let’s ride on up to the next level! Imagine what awaits us there…

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