The world you see around you is but an illusion created by the energy you are sending out. — Sanaya Roman, Living With Joy

If I ever need to see the enhanced version of my life, I only have to look at the themes of my readings for clients. That does not necessarily imply deep spiritual processing — it can mean a move, preparing for a new love, a shift into a greater understanding of Spirit and the world I create around myself. I have my clients to thank for helping me with that insight.

Some clients have worked with me for years and I’ve seen marriages come and go, new ones arrive, healing from sickness, empty nest that turns into a delightful new experience of freedom, wanting something more…and it arrives at the right time. I’ve seen death, grief and suffering over a soulmate. I’ve seen intuitive gifts blossom and courage that they didn’t believe they had.

So, when I get confused about my next steps, I often look at the reads I’ve done in the last few months and consider the themes. Redefining boundaries in relationships. A longed for move that will soon arrive. A home buy. A interest in Christianity/Catholicism. Greater financial security. Incredible growth in business. Preparing for a parent’s death and estate matters. Continual healing over a past relationship that does not lay flat. Deepening faith in God when the answers have not been revealed. Most of all, appreciating the life that I’m in, right now — and not miss it because I’m eager to get to the next chapter.

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