“Exuberance” 9/19/20

There’s always a point as I paint where I grow incredibly frustrated and say, Ugh, WTF IS THIS? but I don’t stop — I just keep adding color, scraping, stepping back and say in a nicer voice, Okay, who are you? C’mon. show me.

I paint, and wait. Paint some more. It always comes if I’m patient. I don’t know where, I don’t know how — but it appears. I usually get a hint of it because I start to see it emerge — and have to keep myself from covering it over in my exuberance. It’s like I’m chasing myself and when the painting is finished, I read parts of my life I have yet to meet.

People think I see the “future” through Tarot – but I see it just as easily if I allow my art to show the way.

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