What is your definition of success?

”All That We Have Lost” — painted 9/17/20

Everyone has a different notion of personal success and if you can define what that is, you won’t find yourself chasing a dream that perhaps is not yours. We are shaped by our environment and early on, parents taught us lessons about success, money, business, etc. We were also held captive to their wounds, insecurities and unconscious behaviors that also taught lessons that may have been in direct opposition to what was proclaimed as success.

In my early years, women were not seen as leaders and I grew up in a very male-dominated environment. Add Christianity that crowned submissive, quiet women as godly and you can see how that may have been a bit confusing for me.

But that was then. Being an adult is taking ownership of our lives, working our way through short-sightedness and outright lies that surround us, as well as using brilliant insights and abundant encouragement to claim our place. We will never stop growing and learning and success will follow our enthusiasm for life.

My personal idea of success can be summed up quite nicely at this point:

  1. Time — to play, write, dream, read, paint, see friends, sleep, etc. Time is the pinnacle of success for me. Not money or recognition. Time.
  2. No debt.
  3. Buying exorbitant groceries at the coop because they shop for me and place it in my car. After all the years of scrimping to build my biz, I won’t hesitate to pay for luxury now.
  4. Reading Tarot for clients in yoga pants, surrounded by my stones and a steaming cup of tea.
  5. Not knowing the day because it really doesn’t matter unless I have a commitment to the outside world.
  6. The ability to be more generous with money.
  7. Knowing that people still read my books after the first was published over 10 years ago on Amazon.
  8. Being open to shifting my business when the time comes — and explore my other gifts.

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