Confidence with clients.

A client asked me how long it took to be confident enough to start reading the Tarot for others.

I wasn’t confident when I started but trusted myself enough to begin. Even after 16 years, I’m still a little nervous when a new client arrives and like veteran theater stars say, If you’re not nervous before stepping on stage, it’s time to retire. Fortunately, I had years in tough city classrooms to train me to appear confident even though I was often a wreck in the beginning!

Give it enough time and it gets easier. Here are a few ways to help build your confidence when working with clients in any industry — but especially the healing arts.

  1. You will be nervous. Just accept that it is part of your growth.
  2. Clients want a good listener. They’re not judging you on perfection. In fact, they are more nervous you will judge them.
  3. You get better with each session if you pay attention to what you can do better. There’s no magic trick to gain clients or confidence. It’s session after session after session. You show up and do it better than you did last time.
  4. Study your craft. Read books. Practice. Learn from those more skilled than you.
  5. Be grateful. Your clients, money, success, health are all blessings — and nothing is guaranteed in life. All of those things can disappear overnight but what you have left is your creativity and gratitude to help you reinvent, if necessary.
  6. Form your own method. You may benefit from the ideas of others but eventually you’ll need to create your own method. It makes you more authentic and provides a deeper level of self-confidence to lean on.
  7. Listen to feedback. Gather testimonials. Read comments on social media (if you have accounts). Ask clients their opinion at the end of a session, especially if you are a newbie. Massage students have feedback forms, so why not readers/psychics?
  8. As clients return, refer and your calendar slowly builds, you’ll gain confidence. This can take many years, so be patient and practice all of the above tips.
  9. Learn to focus your energy to attract the perfect client. You may have many clients who will teach difficult lessons but that does not have to continue as your biz grows. When you focus you energy on the ideal client — and that includes how you’ll feel before/during/after a session — that client shows up. It’s not complex: I merely say, Bring me clients of highest vibration possible. I imagine a fun, easy session that provides them whatever they need in the moment and I feel great afterwards.
  10. Devotion yields results. If you love what you do, you’ll show up — even during the scary times. Being an entrepreneur — despite what some might display on social media — is not easy. Yet it is more beneficial to see it as a challenge than a trial. Say to yourself, I may not have any money right now but it will grow. I trust myself. I love my work. I’m meant to do this. The Divine will never let me down. And really, do I want to go back to having a boss? (That statement always got me off the ledge real fast.) 😂

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