The experience of life.

If you go to a Tarot reader/psychic/intuitive to see your “future”, you’ll probably be sorely disappointed. There is no “future” that is set in stone but possibilities that present themselves, based on your growth and ability to recognize them. Those possibilities may arrive as a prediction come true but they may not. Rather than be disappointed, I think it’s more valuable to see life as an adventure and that you never really know what is going to happen next, though you may have specific dreams that you’d like to see fulfilled.

Often clients will ask me their purpose and I think that word should be permanently banned, since it drives people crazy trying to figure it out. I’d rather see my clients in the experience of life and just let it be that. Eat amazing food, have great sex, enjoy friends, travel, write, sing, be a billionaire, wander the country, plant a garden, have our hearts broken time and time again. We’re here on earth; we’re already courageous enough. Our souls want us to understand why we insist on feeling separate from God and how to remove the veils from our ignorance. Easy breezy, right?

What I strive to do in sessions is this:

  1. Focus on self-knowledge, rather than prediction. Why am I here? Why do I have annoying family members around? Why can’t I “get over” my soulmate/ex? How I can to say yes to love, rather than turn my back in fear? How to expand skills/interests? How to find the courage to start a biz/end a marriage/come out to parents/leave a church/accept gifts? How to honor my spiritual nature and connect to whomever I see as God? How to finally just enjoy life before I die?
  2. I make intuition/telepathic abilities less scary and more a fact of life. We are energy in human form.
  3. I honor you by peeling away layers that prevent you from seeing your greatness. Often it’s subtle but sometimes direct. Depends on the client and what they can handle.
  4. To feel hope, whether you face a big change or just roll along. There is no reason to not walk through life happy, rather than dread the next moment. It’s all a matter of perspective and belief.

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