Is it selfish to be happy?

I find myself reading social media quite a bit these days. It’s my news source and though I was once hands-off with the political stuff, I am so fascinated by this particular time. I think, What is going to happen with this crazy world? What is the truth?

Cities burn. Psychosis on overdrive. Rage. Anarchy. Hatred. You’re a fascist! No, you’re a bigger fascist!

And here I am, writing in my peaceful space. I might do sessions later if they arrive or will read great books like this one and watch movies on a rainy afternoon. My biggest chore is picking up cat food. A friend said the other day, We are so lucky to live here.

She is right. I made a choice years ago to leave the City and I’ll take my easy life over the world of insanity. I’m grateful to my younger self for taking that brave step nearly two decades ago and I’ll never live in a city again.

So, is it selfish to be happy?

Many clients — especially healers — believe they must be in the fray, ON all the time, posting to social media while being hyper-vigilant. They consider it spiritual bypass if they look away, yet end up frustrated, burned out, angry and anxious.

I tell them all — because I have yet to meet a soul who actually wants to be in the midst of riots, though I’m sure they exist — no one is listening right now. Don’t bother. Take a break. You were needed before, you are needed now and you will be needed when this ends.

I may be fascinated by the “now” but I am a seer — which means, I see this time as necessary as part of the shift that has been predicted for years. I don’t like it, honestly — because I wish everyone could get along or at least respect people’s right to exist. Yet we are in the midst of a great spiritual awakening — if we choose to be — and our lives reflect where we are headed. The micro reflects the macro. Until we can see the “other” as an aspect of ourselves, we will continue to struggle.

I mean, it’s not like I have that DOWN. 😂 I may know things but unfortunately that doesn’t absolve me of personal responsibility. Wouldn’t it be great if I got a pass! But nope, I’m working at it just like you.

No matter what is happening in the world, I’m going to be happy. Or, at the very least, grateful. I make it a point every day before I get out of bed to say, This is going to be a wonderful day. I’m so glad I’m alive.

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