Jog bod

I’ve started jogging. I absolutely hate it.

Well, I don’t entirely hate it. Only the beginning and middle. The end is awesome!

It started like this: one day, I was on my walk and then my body began to move faster. Seriously. Yet I am vain and when I jog, it’s like an earthquake over my bones, shaking and quaking. “Jog” might even be a bit of an exaggeration — it’s more like wog.

Whenever I go to the path, I wonder if I’ll jog. I usually don’t feel like it — walking is perfectly fine in my book — but then I find myself jogging a section. The hardest are the first steps. It’s uncomfortable. The jiggles. My knees tweak a little. My heart rate goes up. Cardio — aargh! I check in with my body: Everything okay? Not too much? and she says, Give me a minute.

If I can make it past the initial aches — not pain, or I’d stop — I keep going. I do the breath test — if I can’t speak, I slow down. I don’t use music or time myself; I just jog.

I’m more amazed than anything that a) my body keeps going and b) I don’t try hard to find an excuse to stop. In fact, my mind loves jogging because my body does all the work. I’ve been using this time to train my mind to go beyond what I consider my limitations, to stay calm and focused on the path, to control my breath and only think encouraging words: You’re so strong. Look at you. Such an athlete. So good. You can do this. It’s easy. Look, the fence is right up ahead. No problem. You’ve got this. And if you need a break, no problem. I never say, I can’t do this because I’m (chronological age).

And wow — when I slow down and walk the rest of the way to my car, it’s one of the best highs I’ve felt in a long time.

Today I *think* I may have been close to 1.5 mile jog on a 4 mile walk. When I finished, I congratulated myself as if I had just run a marathon and then went home and ate as though I did, after popping a Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM, of course. 😂

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