Prayer Service

I’m offering a new service to you — completely free. It’s my prayer service.

I once thought of prayer as Dear God, I just ask… But now I see prayer as a running conversation with my Wiser Self, who is an emanation of the Divine Spirit who wishes to evolve through us.

Considering the times that we are in, we can all use a positive shift in our energy. I often joke to friends that if I glance at a house for sale, it sells within a month. When I’m around, things tend to shift.

You may have caught my pendulum videos when I was on Facebook. I’ll use the same Merkaba pendulum while concentrating on your request. It’s powerful work and though I don’t guarantee results, I’ll do my best to help you.

So, what do you need to do?

Go here for all of the information.

As much as I believe in the power of prayer, the title cracks me up because of my Christian fundamentalist past. Oh, the amount of prayer services attended! But if we can’t laugh at certain things that once caused us pain, what’s the point of being on this crazy planet?

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