Super wealthy.

I used to imagine what it was like to be super wealthy — tens of millions and above — as I walked past opulent Manhattan townhomes. I wondered if they were happy or just the usual assholes — and like broke 25+ year olds, I’d view their lives as so much easier than mine. It caused the universal conflict of longing and resentment as I scraped by with just enough — and that would be a successful month!

I worked as an assistant for a midtown tax lawyer and for whatever reason, he’d tolerate my hiking boot/jeans ensemble in a corporate environment (I had the best bosses 😂). Quite often, he’d grimly write out a check for $10k when his second wife called and chewed him out at lunch and I’d head over to stand in the special line for millionaires at Chase. One time I ended up at his 5th Ave penthouse to drop something off and the Mexican maid pulled me aside and whispered she treats me like a dog. He did my taxes for free and would tell funny stories after screaming at his stock broker (who died of a heart attack a few years later).

I had my ideas about the super wealthy and they weren’t that great. Add on the religious and parental guilt about money, power and selfishness and I was a mess. I wanted money — lots of it — because it represented freedom. I didn’t want to work; my inner artist wanted to create. But still, I saw the way as money because it’s the currency this world lives on, longs for and never has enough of.

Cue 20 years later and I have an idea of what it’s like to be super wealthy because many of my clients have given me great insight. I read people from various social-economic backgrounds and see everyone as souls with interesting stories, whether they have $25k or $250 million and have learned so many lessons about money.

What I’ve learned about wealth through Tarot sessions:

  1. Some — not all — with great wealth still worry about money, either through the up/downs of their biz, investments, family legacies, lazy business partners or contemplating a divorce.
  2. Having lots of money is work, especially if you are in the upper stratosphere of wealth. Properties, lawsuits, alimony, child support, greedy/addicted family members (it’s common), elderly parents with control issues, taxes, hiring/firing staff, etc. Often they can’t relax to enjoy their lives because of the stress.
  3. Quite a few have tight-knit families who truly love each other. It’s always a pleasure to see.
  4. Most of my wealthy male clients are straight up creators — very powerful souls — who see money as an offshoot of their creativity. They never have to work again but enjoy what they’ve built and continue to add value for themselves and their families.
  5. The super wealthy are no more generous than my other clients — and across the board, those who work in the service industry are the most generous.
  6. The super wealthy are just people with the same worries: kids, self-doubt, regrets, sickness, elderly parents, fulfillment and facing death.
  7. Many struggle with treating themselves to what they truly want, even if they drop coin on other things. I always ask them, What is the point of having money if you can’t make life easier for yourself?
  8. I may not be super wealthy but I like money. I really, really like having money. Why? Less bills, less stress and I can ease up on myself. I don’t spend the day worrying about how I’ll pay the rent or if clients will show up. I like buying organic food, driving a nice car and being able to spread the wealth a bit. I like knowing that I can travel if I want or sit in the garden for the day. I can upgrade or just appreciate what I have while saving more money.
  9. Money is an illusion and I’m going to die in less than 40 years. I’m so blessed and will use those blessings to make life as easy and peaceful as possible —because it’s just money.

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