Energetic Marketing.

So many of my clients say, I just had a nudge to call you. I kept thinking it was time and then got distracted — but then I had the nudge again.

Yah, that was me. 😂

Call it energetic marketing. Whenever my calendar slows down or I want to add more sessions to my day, I’ll send out my energy to the clients who are meant to work with me and ask my ”team” to give them a nudge. They don’t waste any time!

Using my pendulum also increases the shift. I’ll ask, Am I reading for paying Tarot clients today? and often it is right on the money. Sometimes I’ll get super specific and ask what hours they’ll arrive. It’s good to remember that if you ask about another person, their free will can make a different choice at any moment — so it doesn’t necessarily mean your pendulum was wrong. It just means that you deal with humans!

I’ve never hired a marketing team because I had doubts that they would be able to capture my essence — but now that I activate shifts or nudges, I’d rather play in that world and see the magic arrive in physical form. It takes faith to be an entrepreneur and even after 16 years, I have occasional worries, though much less than before — but every time a client tells me they had a nudge, I laugh and know my marketing works.


Another book recommendation!!


I call Heidi a “living flower” — and you’ll understand why as you read her gorgeous new book, The Bloom Book: A Flower Essence Guide to Cosmic Balance. She is deeply knowledgeable in the ways of plants, devas and elementals in her mission to heal and restore Mother Earth. The lovely illustrations by Chelsea Granger add yet another layer of beauty to the book. I give The Bloom Book my highest recommendation!

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