Your business. Your baby.

There will come a point in your business that you will lean back and reevaluate what you desire in terms of future success. I talk a lot about knowing your essence while developing your entrepreneurial skills but once you’ve put in the years, you might decide that you want more time to travel, sit in the garden or be with your family than extra devotion to your work. That’s always the trick — the life balance question — but being an entrepreneur means that your biz is your creation. Your baby, in fact — and its needs are not separate from your life. That can make it difficult to relax because baby has needs!

Yet babies grow and in time, your business will carry itself. You’ll trust that when clients slow down (or pandemics happen…), you can shrug it off for the most part because you’ve saved. When times are busy, you can lean on the fact that you’ve cared for your body/mind/spirit so it remains healthy and solid when you give, give, give. You can trust your money because you’ve made a strong effort to reduce or eradicate debt and don’t stress the bills, since they are few and you live within your means. Mostly, you’ve created a business that you love and are so proud of its success.

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