Meditation…or tacos?

I’ve never been a consistent meditator because I sit in silence for much of the day and write that off as meditation. Maybe I’m just lazy. But I’ve decided to meditate at least 20 minutes a day and see what happens. I use this app — Wild Journey — and pop on my headphones for full immersion. If my mind wanders — as it naturally does — I’ll repeat a mantra to give her a plaything. Hamsa. I am here.

Sometimes I feel relaxed. Sometimes I’m ready 5 minutes before the alarm and impatient. Other times, it’s exactly what I need — just depends on what emotional winds are blowing through my day.

Last night, a car pulled right in front of me as I travelled about 60 mph. It’s an idiot thing that happens where I live because no one wants to be stuck behind a “keeper of the speed” — but it pissed me off and I gave her a hand up (not the finger anymore — that was so NYC). I felt the anger rolling through my body and all of the words started to course through my body. The whole narrative that happens when someone does something stupid and dangerous. Then I took a breath. Maybe I even said Hamsa. Immediately, the anger drained right out of my feet into the earth and it only took a few seconds for me to be over it. Was it because I meditated? Or just excited to get tacos? Probably a mix of both — but either way, something worked.

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