Hard to believe but…(2021 predictions).

I decided to throw some Tarot cards this afternoon about the energy of America in 2021. I’ve followed the news — not mainstream! — about the places I once loved and lived in (NYC and Portland, especially — though I have spent time in Seattle and elsewhere). Destruction and violence are anathema to my soul but I’m also aware that there is a cosmic shift happening that has been predicted for years. We’re in it now, big time.

I’m fortunate to have set up my life to carry me through world changes, for the most part (and if any of you live in those cities, including Chicago, I’d consider relocation unless your soul is committed to being there). However, I am still human and my emotions can run wild over the draconian lockdown laws and restriction of freedom — so I had to wait before viewing America in a year’s time. Today I’m just chilling with my special needs cat and feel relaxed, so I threw: What does America look like next July? What is the energy here?

I expected cards of conflict and turmoil, honestly — but what I saw surprised me. Death and the majority of the conflict were past. Major money cards showed up — lots of ‘em. Economic rebuild. Stability. Friendship. Marriages. Strong female leaders. Happiness. My only thought? DAMN!!

The read is not based on whomever becomes President or if our political affiliations have changed. It is not based on our emotions of the moment. Long ago, I predicted that Trump would be a great healer on a soul level and I still stand by that — because we are facing our poison right now. (That’s not a political statement, so please don’t give me shit about it. ❤️😂)

But poison eventually drains. The balm arrives. Not only do we survive, we remember. We celebrate. These cards showed up because there has been a sea change in the population — one of love and unity which naturally grants prosperity. Perhaps we haven’t gotten there yet, but my cards never lie.

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