It’s a game and you’re in control.

I know you’re off all social media now so…how do you get the word out?

If I had one session a year with every client I’ve read the last 16 years, I’d be busy the rest of my life. I’m not worried.

How do you advertise?

I don’t. Not really. Just an Amazon ad for “Love. Sex. Tarot”, an occasional podcast and my website. That’s it.

What about your analytics for your blog?

Don’t have it. I’m done with all that. As long as people keep booking sessions and enjoy the blog, I’m good.

My friend looked perplexed but said, You’re really lucky to have set yourself up like that.

Every entrepreneur has dreams about what they’d like to accomplish. My dream was to have a business that gained enough traction to carry me through whatever happened in the outside world. Meaning, I could trust the visions I had 16 years ago to create the simple, beautiful life that I live now. Perhaps a more ambitious entrepreneur would have many more $$ signs and a bigger audience with Shivaya Wellness — but I have a created a business that suits my temperament, pays me well and has many devoted and loyal clients.

Your success comes from knowing your essence — what makes you happy, what keeps you sane and grounded — and utilizing the gifts the Goddess has given you. If you don’t want to be on social media, don’t. If you’d like to make $5 million a year, then do so. Build and grow. Try it out. Use analytics. Drop the color scheme. Switch it up. Withdraw from clients for awhile to rest and grow, then return with a new outlook. Rely on the faith that strengthens every time you weather an empty month or dance when the bank account is fat. It’s a game. You’re in control — and far more creative than you can even imagine.

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