Listen to the signs.

I’ve kept dream journals for 10 years and dug them out to see what clues I could find for 2020. My dreams are quite imaginative — at times visionary — and I’m sure I fly around the Universe while my body sleeps. (Try as they might, they won’t be able to lock down astral travel…😂).

Dreams are a direct way that my soul communicates — through my own or a close friend who regularly dreams about me. I may not understand every message but absorb whatever wisdom I’m able to glean.

What keeps me solid and protected on this planet is that I listen to signs — in whatever form they arrive. I adapt. I keep my life simple. I try to meditate. I keep my body healthy. I surround myself in Nature. I talk to God/myself/Whomever all the time. I always leave when prompted – never questioning my intuition. More than anything, I endure without strain. After many years of struggle, I decided to ride this horse until the end and will continue to find ways to nourish myself.

We live in a shifting, multi-dimensional Universe, which means that things can change at any moment. I’ve gone for something — and then walked away at the dotted line because it just didn’t feel right. This has happened quite a few times and with hindsight, can see that I was greatly protected. Either way, it would have worked out for my good but I avoided lots of pain and stress.

It’s really not a big deal to be intuitive, though people tend to idolize or demonize psychics. The thing is: we are all psychic! To be open is to follow the signs around you — and more importantly, believe them. They are messages to consider from your wiser self/God to keep you sane, happy and grounded.

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