It’s July and I’m no longer on social media.

A couple of you asked whether something happened to make me hit DELETE on my Facebook page. No, nothing that exciting. Facebook was the lone holdout after 9 years of trying almost every social media platform — and it was time to pull the plug.

The energy of social media is a conglomeration of the Wild West and middle school — and from someone who lived during that time and was also bullied in school, I’d rather not go back. However, there are pockets of light and many wonderful entrepreneurs who share their wisdom on social media. It certainly helped grow my business but fortunately, Shivaya Wellness is strong enough now that I can step away. I’ve wanted it for years but waited to shift my energy elsewhere. The move wasn’t done frivolously — I am very conservative when it comes to changes in my business — and I still have an occasional thought of whether or not it was the right choice. I only have to zero in on Facebook and their shadiness to affirm that it was the correct decision.

So from now on, I‘ll go old-schools and reactive this blog — ‘cause you know I love to talk — and send out newsletters 2x a month. If you haven’t signed up already, you can here.

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