How To Not Hate Wealthy People

Saturn (karma/discipline) sat in the money house in my astro chart, right when I started Shivaya Wellness. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart and with Saturn, it can be even more of a challenge. Good thing I didn’t know this! Sometimes the Fool’s journey is the only way to go, foolishly tripping along…

I spent lots of time examining my beliefs about $$ and if you’ve come out of evangelical Christianity, you know what I mean. I also had to confront the notion that if you’re a healer, you should offer it for free (nope — unless you can make food appear from thin air.)

I love the energy of $$. I love being debt-free (I say this in anticipation of paying the last $2800 from a biz loan). Most of all, I love the everyday freedom and ease. That’s worth millions. I’ve had very lean, difficult phases but they’ve taught valuable lessons: Trust. Be generous. When $$ rolls in, continue to live consciously but indulge in luxury. It’s all ephemeral. Enjoy it for the next 3+ decades, before returning home.

I’ve read Tarot for clients with varying 0s and everyone has soul lessons, even if $$ isn’t one of them. Those with lots of 0s do not bother me at all — that’s the greatest freedom. Want a Gulfstream? Fine. Ride it. Still gonna die. Want to own an island, show off toys and throw money in the air? Great. Ephemeral. Still gonna die. We don’t know why their soul wants to experience this — perhaps they were a beggar or hermit or selfless person in another life. Perhaps they just effortlessly vibe with the energy of $$ for society’s greater good — just look at Rockefeller and the Robber Barons and the cultural gifts they left. But jealousy, envy and even the words “1%” keep us in a state of resistance to whatever it is that we want.

Like Rockefeller also said, “The novelty of being able to purchase whatever one wants soon passes because what people most seek cannot be bought with money.”

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