I Trust Myself

Starting today, I trust myself 100%. I trust every decision, feeling and choice. I don’t know how everything is going to come together but I trust that it will take me where I desire. I commit to not putting myself through the stations of the Cross when making a choice and trust that my impeccable timing, deep sensitivity and common sense will always guide my steps. I have a huge energy that keeps my vibration where it needs to be: safe, happy and positive. 

I trust what I know and if someone questions me, I’ll simply say, “I know what I know.” No explanations, apologies or second-guessing. I know what I know. I always have. If I’m creeped out by someone, I’ll immediately trust my feelings without talking down to myself. If I’m pulled to a bookstore or a pint of ice cream, I’ll follow my senses. If I choose to nap or play or withdraw for awhile, I’ll do so — again, without explanation or apology. 

I’ll connect to the vast, sensory world that provides clues and is in constant communion with me. I’ll honor the Divine taking shape through my choices and beliefs. I trust my path. I trust myself. I trust myself. I trust myself.

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