True Abundance

Often clients worry about financial risk — whether to retire early, switch companies or branch out as an entrepreneur. It’s certainly valid because this world runs on currency, especially if you have kids in college, aging parents or want a cushy life. .

I took a $15k pay cut when I left my NYC career. Though I had saved about a year of emergency funds, I still worried because I believed having X amount kept me safe and happy. I was used to a certain standard, though it was meager on a teacher’s salary. But change is change and it can be difficult.

It can also be THRILLING. There were many times when building my biz that I longed for the paltry paycheck — and the NYC pay looked like millions! It’s all perpective and I left both jobs with the desire for a peaceful life. I wanted to start and end my day exactly as I pleased and not be controlled by a boss/schedule. I wanted to be happy with the money I had and learned that suffering came from wanting X amount that hadn’t arrived yet. I had to learn that abundance is money, yes – but it’s the desire behind that dough: indulging my Muse, spontaneous lunches, quality sleep, great books/music, time with friends. Abundance was learning to appreciate and love the life I had — not one longed for — because that was the building block to my future, whether I had millions or not.

This feeling was perfectly encapsulated the other day and I literally said out loud, “I’VE GOT IT!” I had great sleep, amazing visions and woke feeling happy. I went to an awesome yoga class and then worked out. There were no clients on the books and I was happy, knowing I had the afternoon/evening free to do whatever I wanted: putz around, watch movies, chat with a friend, read a book, make a cup of tea, meditate — whatever I wanted. I realized it didn’t matter whether I was in a huge mansion in a gorgeous library or sitting outside in my garden. I had the feeling and the happiness that came from recognizing true abundance. It can only get better from here…

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