The biggest worry that entrepreneurs have is money: how to make, keep and increase it. I’ve been in this long enough to view my $$ vibration from diverse angles. I’ve had times where $$ poured in and other times where I wondered if anyone would call for a reading. Sometimes I’d make what I needed for the month in a day and other times where it sputtered in. And this was just two months ago! 🤣

We’re born on this big rock with desire — experiences our soul wants to learn. Except my soul sees this as a big game – because she doesn’t have bills — and knows that everything is perfect when viewed from a higher perspective.

And then there’s human Raven. She’s more of a complex case. One of the reasons I chose to be an entrepreneur is my fierce independence — as well as the desire to work on TRUST, which can be at odds with the former (i.e., “I can do this all by myself”). Trust in my strength, smarts and of course, the Divine. Trust that I’ll have what I need and provided when I need it. I can honestly say that when I extend faith, I have never been let down, though the result may arrive in creative ways. I can’t imagine the Goddess and our Higher Self saying, “Thanks for playing — see ya…” when we have trust and faith.  

As for $$, I constantly manifest it through credits, discounts, rebates, refunds and all kinds of fun and surprising results, as well as the normal route of biz, royalties and lines of credit when needed. I’ve adjusted my definition of abundance to mean living life exactly as I desire every day — with dreams that haven’t arrived yet because I am an endless creator. Money is just one of the fuels that gets me to the next adventure.

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