The Real Life Of A Mystic

“Looks like you’re doing awesome. If things don’t work out for me, maybe I’ll become a mystic,” my friend said. 

“Life is pretty great — but I just got out of a depression last week,” I answered. 

“You’d never know it from FB!” We laughed. 

Being a healer / seer doesn’t exclude me from struggle. This world can be overwhelming because I feel ALL of the time. I make life as simple as possible through choices that range from not having kids to using Amazon Prime to not enter many stores. I’m both sensitive and strong and ride the human rollercoaster like anyone else. I’m a great manifestor but there is always a time delay and plenty of things that haven’t arrived yet. Being a deeply feeling person also provides lots of material for my books, which is the medium I use to explore my emotions, not generally FB. 

So, in case there is any doubt — I am human, just like you! 😁


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