Here are some common questions:

Q: When and how can I book a Tarot session?

See my Tarot Sessions page. Any questions, please contact me.

Q: How do you do sessions? In person? By phone?

Both. I do sessions by phone, Skype audio or FaceTime audio, Eastern time. My online calendar has my latest availability.

Q: How does a phone reading work? Doesn’t a person have to touch the Tarot cards?

Phone readings are just as powerful as in person. My process is to have a short meditation right before the call. We’ll take a few deep breaths to center ourselves before we start the reading. The majority of my sessions are by phone and are just as profound for clients.

Q: I’m scared. It’s my first time getting a Tarot reading. What’s your advice?

Read “How To Act During A Tarot Session“.

Q: Is a Tarot reading the right choice for long-range questions?

I’m not big on time frames because I have a healthy respect for free will. We can ask long-range questions but again, all we have is the present. It’s from the present that we create our future. The cards may give an idea of an outcome but we are in control of our decisions, which influence the cards. I’ve had plenty of reads where an intuitive gave a time frame but it didn’t happen. Did that make the reading less valid? No, because I chose to hear the message and not restrict it to a ticking clock. Remember, the cards are a mirror reflecting your inner landscape at the present moment. If you ask about a relationship, realize that the other person’s decisions are part of the outcome.

Q: What if I pull the Death card??

You may just pull the Death card. Guess what? We’re all going to die. If you’d like to know when, I’m not the intuitive for you. I have great respect for free will and believe that we choose on a daily basis to stay or go (think of all the near-misses.) The Death card reminds us that our lives are one big transformation and when it appears in your spread, you are heading into heavy-duty change. Death teaches us that one day we will experience the ultimate transformation — but in this moment, how are we embracing the change before us?

The Death card is greatly misunderstood. I’m surprised that clients don’t flinch when Devil or Tower appear – some of the darkest and most challenging cards, as they are the shadowy sides of our natures. All of the cards of the Major Arcana are the Great Teachers, symbolizing the natural cycles we must experience if we are to move into higher levels of wisdom.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare?

Be as relaxed as possible. Be open. Trust that what you need will come through the session. That’s about it.

Q: How often can I see you?

I ask clients to wait at least a month. A session needs time to unfold and it teaches you to trust your own intuition. Constantly going to a psychic when in pain builds a dependence on outside wisdom. All of your answers are within — but sometimes you need an understanding ear. Though I love my work and my clients, I have no interest in being anyone’s guru or psychic crutch. Use your judgment. Readings are especially powerful around an Equinox or Solstice.

Q: So…what is it that you do exactly?

I’m a healer. I have profound empathy for the human condition because I have experienced great loss. Some call me an intuitive or a psychic (I prefer “cosmic cheerleader”). The names don’t matter as much as being present and doing my work. I’m also a writer, Reiki Master and spiritual teacher.

Q: I feel like I’m psychic/intuitive and want to get into this work. Where do I begin?

Find trusted mentors. Take classes. Study, Meditate. It’s essential that you find lasting ways to stay healthy, whole and grounded while sharing your gifts. Having a mentor is one of the best ways to do so. Read my memoir, The Reluctant Tarot Reader for tips on deepening your practice in the magical arts.