I offer Tarot sessions, inspired coaching, Reiki and house/land blessing.


I created a business around my intuition and have written many books about my work. I’ve read Tarot professionally for over 13 years and as a skilled reader, I reveal the strongest potentials. I’m a direct but gentle teacher, happy to assist in your evolution. Our session will transform your life, whether you are a seasoned client or first-timer. I give practical, grounded advice that is infused with magic.

I’ve read for thousands of people — CEOs, professors, artists, moms, doctors, shamans, pastors, therapists, celebrities, healers, you name it — and no two sessions are alike. This is the beauty of the Tarot; it has your best interest at heart.

Something definitely shifted for me today. Since our call, I feel a weight has lifted. I feel eerily free. Thank you for your love and wisdom and deft way with the cards. You have hammered away at me for a while now and I think I’m finally getting it. More importantly, closer than ever to proudly owning my gift. — Lisa Bridge


Here’s how. Also read the Q&A and delightful testimonials from grateful clients. 


Sessions by phone, Skype audio / FaceTime audio, EST.

  1. Please read the Disclaimer.
  2. Use the online scheduler to find the perfect day/time.
  3. Pay securely through Square.
  4. Once payment is received, I’ll call you on the day of your session.


Tarot is a helpful guide and I give friendly advice, with the full understanding that you have free will to use it or not. Your life is your own and your choices are completely up to you. Your purchase of this service acknowledges your understanding and agreement that Raven Mardirosian is not responsible for any actions that you may take before, during or after your session.

I am not a therapist or medical professional and I do not diagnose or treat physical, mental or emotional illnesses. Please see a qualified healthcare professional if you are having physical, mental or emotional difficulties. I do not do sessions for anyone under 18 and reserve the right to refuse to schedule or participate in any session at my discretion. If this situation arises, your money will be refunded in full. 


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May all beings be happy. May all beings be free.