Happy land, happy home, happy heart.

To maintain a peaceful home or business environment, it is critical that you welcome healing energies to your structures and land. We are all vibration and hold the imprint of memories from past experiences. This includes the land that surrounds your home. As a healer and sensitive, I connect to the energies of the earth and will create a calm “vibe” with the assistance of gemstones and other friendly energetic support. I will also go from basement to attic and bless each corner of your home and circle the property with protective energy. I’ll also give basic instructions on how to maintain a harmonious environment, as much of the chaotic energy can be coming from the inhabitants.

This ritual is highly encouraged for those who live in an old home or are contemplating a new structure. It is also recommended for those who feel ill at ease in their home or sense other entities afoot. It is especially good for land that has been involved in war or any type of destructive energy. This blessing also welcomes financial success to business properties.

All of creation desires healing and wholeness, including your home. If you’re intrigued and would like to set up a time to visit your home, schedule a FREE 15 minute consult to chat about your needs. (New England region or will travel to your location.)


15 minute consult: FREE

Base rate: $170/hr (Gemstones included. Travel expenses — gas / airfare — extra). I’ll send a separate invoice once we agree to work together.