Words Are Your Wand

I often remind clients – and myself — that our words hold trememdous power. We may be full of positivity but the stories we carry — and repeat unconsciously– are a habit that becomes hardened and calls in what we speak aloud. But a habit can be changed through focusing the mind and mouth on only what you want — whether improved health, wellbeing, calm, rest, an external change, etc and believing that reality, even if everything screams at you that it’s not.

My favorite mantras: “I glide through life and everyone supports me” and “I have perfect health, 100% throughout this life and beyond.” Not “my thumb is achy so what is the soul lesson and why can’t I heal it immediately because I’m a healer and wtf? I work out and now yoga is difficult and I just healed my elbow and now this is f-ing bs…blah blah” And if I slide into fear, I redirect my mind to only think of the ideal reality and imagine it already done. It’s also believing that we need to do nothing to deserve a happy life and we can say these mantras with full love and acceptance. 

Most of all, I’m super glad I have eternity to practice — because I need it.