Calm and Modest

A calm and modest life bring more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with a constant restlessness. — Albert Einstein

Calm and modest aren’t sexy words. In fact, they’re barely heard above greatness/thrive/hustle/crush it.

If you’re around long enough, life has time for all of those. Certain periods require restlessness to jumpstart a new direction. Yet it can be easy to miss the sweet and fleeting moments of success in our constant craving. 

For years, I was a wanderer and used the world as a giant therapist. I searched for the success that waited if only I found the perfect place or lover. My restlessness brought amazing experiences, huge heights of achievement and heart-crushing disappointments. And still I searched…

When I finally had the courage to explore my inner world, this  unfamiliar territory brought the gifts of insight and understanding. I still have occasional bouts of restlessness, the perpetual anywhere-but-here. For a long time, I was afraid that if I let life be easy, it meant I gave up proving my worth through perpetual struggle. People would think I didn’t have drive or was getting lazy and complacent. 

I’m happier than I’ve ever been and it isn’t because I found perfection elsewhere. It is because I allow life to be easy, as much as I’m able. 

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