I created this affirmation / mantra when I realized that life doesn’t have to be difficult, that the Divine isn’t asking us to go through an obstacle course of suffering before showing us love and acceptance.

This is a tried and true phrase – and once you practice, watch how magic (or, if you prefer, everyday ease) flows into your experience. Avoid telling yourself all the ways it isn’t possible or it’s selfish to ask others — even strangers — to support your journey. When you ask and believe, it will happen. It’s your perspective and perception that changes.

Examples: cars that move out of your way, an unexpected refund, a rep who goes beyond your request, a friend who makes you dinner, a kind gesture or word, a movie that cracks you up.

Most of all, it’s believing that what you desire — an easy life — is actually possible and you don’t have to do anything to deserve it.

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